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January 2019

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 GWC Event internasional

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PostSubyek: GWC Event internasional   Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:57 am

GWC International Competition Event
Duration: Nov. 3, 5:00pm – 14, 5:00pm (before maintenance)

Race of Grand Chase regions

Points Accumulation

Log-in for the first time during the event period and you will receive a GWC mission. The quest is repeatable and has no limit. After the mission is finished, it will automatically register in your mission list.
You will get GWC Chest when you finish this mission. The chest will randomly contain:

Unopened GWC Chest, GWC Coin and GWC Ring Fragment will be deleted on Nov. 15

Each mission completed will add points to the Philippine score.

Ranking and Reward

Accumulating enough points will increase the rank and have its corresponding reward. Please see table below:

The more GWC missions are finished, the faster the rank will level up.
An announcement will be made when a certain country have leveled-up.
Every 12 midnight, the game will announce PH’s current level and what reward will be received.

In addition to the rewards stated above, additional rewards will be given:

Free dungeon pass item details:

You will receive Free Dungeon Pass item on your first log-in during the event period. The item is not consumable and will be deleted on maintenance day on the 22nd of November
This item allows you to enter dungeons without limitation. Level 1 character can enter

Daily Rank Reward

Players may also get daily ranking reward depending on the rank of PH of the previous day.

You may claim the reward at the GWC Score Board at the Park.


Rewards for the corresponding level will take effect 00:00 hours (12 midnight).

Scenario 1
Oct 4, PH’s current level is 3. If PH leveled-up to 4, the reward will take effect on Oct 5 at 12 midnight.

Scenario 2
Oct. 4, PH’s current level is 3. IF PH leveled-up to 6, the reward will take effect on Oct 5 at 12 midnight.

Scenario 3
Oct. 4, PH’s current level is 3. If PH did not level up, the same reward will be given on Oct 5 12 midnight.

No rewards will be given above level 15.

Score Board

To check the ranking of each country, go to the Park and click the “GWC Score Board”

End-of-Event Reward

Depending on the level of PH on Nov 14 5:00pm, players who participated in the event will receive item/s after the Nov 15 weekly maintenance.
Players will receive the items on their first log-in between Nov. 15 and Nov. 29

Rewards are accumulative.

– If PH reached level 13 at the end of the event, participants will receive Skill Open Key, +10 Bag, SP Reset Card and 1,000,000 GP Coupon.
– If PH reached level 15 at the end of the event, participants will receive GWC Weapon and Armor set, Jr. Knight Master Pet, Skill Open Key, +10 Bag, SP Reset Card, and 1,000,000 GP Coupon.

GWC Ring
Duration: Nov. 3 – 14

When you log-in during the event period, players will receive a GWC Ring of which that can be upgraded using the Crafting System.

ll GWC Rings will be deleted on Nov. 30

30% Discount on Avatar Items (7 days only)
Duration: Nov. 2 – Nov 15

30% off on 7 days based Avatar items and packages.
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GWC Event internasional

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